Anything Illegal or That Does Not Follow Local Regulations

  • Pet sales
    • Must have a price specified.
    • Dogs under the age of one year can only be posted if they are free. You must specify "free" as the price.
    • Dogs over the age of one year can only be posted if the price is less than $100
    • Forbidden on military bases/posts (it's illegal).
    • The breeding and raising of pets on Government property for the express purpose of profit is prohibited.
    • Turtle sales/trades in North Carolina are prohibited. See NCPARC
    • Stud services are prohibited.
    • Wanted ads for pets are prohibited.
  • Business Listings

All business listings must go in their proper category. If it is a service (i.e. NOT an actual item), it MUST go in the Businesses & Services category. Businesses must post items in the paid business category if it exists (e.g. Real Estate - By Agent). If a business is selling specific items, they go in the appropriate category. When in doubt, contact us for clarification.

  • Firearms, Parts, and Ammunition

The only guns that may be listed are those powered by air such as Ball-Bearing/Pellet, Airsoft, and paintball markers - but ONLY where legal. If you are U.S. military living overseas, the SOFA agreement may prohibit them as well. Check your local regulations. No other type of guns may be posted for sale. There are too many local/state/federal laws regulating gun sales and we prefer to err on the side of caution than to allow a member to be arrested for accidentally breaking a law. Additionally, wanted ads for firearms, parts, and ammunition may not be posted.

  • Any weapon Requiring a Permit
  • Government-issued Military Gear
  • Overposting of Items

Don't post the same item more than once/week. When you do repost it, reduce the price, add pictures, extend the description, and seek to make it more appealing. Overposting clutters the site and turns buyers off to your items.

  • Free Items That Are Not Free or Are Not Items

It must be an item, 100% free, no strings attached (except in the case of certain toys or puppets that require such strings).

  • Free Items That Are Not Free or Are Not Items

"Free to look" or "Free mary kay with purchase" or "free pampered chef party" or "free estimate" aren't items. It must be an item, 100% free, no strings attached.

  • Non-local Items

Scammers will post non-local items. If you can't easily meet the person locally in order to conduct the transaction, the posting is best placed on other venues.

  • Reselling WIC Items
  • Reselling Coupons
  • Reselling coupons is illegal.
  • Reselling items obtained for free from a charity organization that prohibits their resale
  • Requests for Personal Donations
  • Stolen items, including SAPI plates, etc.
  • Fraudulent Listings
  • Counterfeit goods (including purse and watch replicas)
  • These are illegal and authorities will prosecute.
  • Recalled Items
  • Shipping items sold on the site via Military Postal Service is prohibited (see DoD 4525.6M (Postal Manual))
  • MLM, Ponzi, affiliate, and phishing-oriented postings
  • Sex-related Items

Sex-related items include but are not limited to magazines, videos, photos, devices, and services. Anything inappropriate for a family, community website. Additionally, looking for "friends" or "dates" or "encounters" is prohibited.

  • Adult Parties

(Passion parties, Slumber parties, etc). There are plenty of other sites for this. This site is not one of them.

  • Unlicensed Child Care

Unlicensed child care providers are not permitted to post their services.

  • Want ads soliciting childcare are not permitted.
  • Adoption services
  • Alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, or other items that require a minimum age to purchase or use legally
  • Prescription Drugs or Drugs of Any Kind
  • Financing Products

Financial products include, but not limited to, auto financing targeting military personnel and families.

  • Commentary, Disputes, Complaints

This is not the place to do it. Complaints should be resolved between buyer and seller, not on the site. Non-item postings will be removed.

  • "Work From Home" Opportunities
  • Anything else that we decide is not appropriate for this site